What is included in each service

At The Essential Pet Spa your pet will receive

  • Nail trim and File

  • Ears cleaned and plucked (if necessary)

  • Teeth brushed

  • Bath with eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner

  • Blow out

  • Brush and combed out for a knot and dead hair free coat

  • Pad oil for rejuvenation

      • If you pet does not like or allow part of the service to be completed we will work on that part in the future appointment

Neat and Tidy

  • Everything that is included in all services (described above)

  • Sanitary trimmed

  • Pad hair removed

  • Face trimmed

  • Feet trimmed

  • Feathers (front legs) trimmed

  • Belly trimmed

  • Bum/Pants trimmed

All pricing is based on regularly groomed pets with knot free, non impacted coats and no behavioral issues. Additional charges will be charged if a coat is matted, severely impacted with dead undercoat or behavioral issues arise.

Service can and will be denied if the groomer feels the safety of the pet or themselves are at risk.

Flea removal

When fleas are found there will be a $20.00 fee added for the removal on the dog and in the van. Please advise the groomer before hand if you are aware your pet(s) has fleas to allow extra time for the service.

Mileage Fee

Any clients that live outside of a 15 mile radius of the service area Bloomfield, NY. There will be an additional $1 per mile fee.

We are no longer accepting dogs over the weight of 50lbs.

We are fully booked at this time and are no longer accepting new clients. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please leave the following information.

-Full name

-Home address, so we know if you are in our service area

-Best number to be reached at

-Dogs name, breed and weight