The Essential Pet Spa is a grooming service dedicated in keeping your pet(s) at peek health. We preform everything that is essential to your pets health in an all inclusive service.

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Meet the Owner and Groomer

Hello my name is MacKenzie. Let me tell you a bit about myself and why I became the stylist I am today. I have been styling pets since 2012. I have been AKC (American Kennel Club) safety certified since 2018 and apart of the NDGAA (National Dog Grooming Association of America) since 2020. For three years, I was the Regional Grooming Lead at a national pet service provider where I had trained new groomers who were beginning their career. I have been working with animals my whole life, from rehabilitating to rescuing. With the knowledge of how animals react in different situations, being calm at all times is a must.

Choose you scent and tell the groomer!


Soft and floral for the most sophisticated.

Pleasia 2

Vanillia top tones with under scents of unique essential oil blend.

Figue De Lait

Sweetness of the a fig leave with a subtle hint of citrus.

Cleaning and Coronavirus protocol

  • Disinfecting between clients

    • Tub

    • Table

    • All tools

  • Mask worn

Benefits of Mobile Grooming

  1. Less Stress on your pet(s)

    • No unfamiliar pets

    • No car rides

    • No kennels

    • One on one grooming session

    • Same groomer every time

  2. Convenience

    • At your home

    • You wont have to worry about traffic

  3. Safety

    • No kennel drying

    • Distractions are the thing of the past

    • Cross contamination between pets is not possible